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Atlas of Developing Mouse Brain Gestational (Embryonic) Day 12: Schambra, Annotations Complete
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Which viewing method should I use?

We offer four different ways to view high-resolution images of our slides. If you want to download the entire slide as a 3000x2000 JPEG image, you can click the View 3060x2035 JPEG button. Otherwise, you can view the image as a Zoomify! dynamic image, using either a Netscape/ActiveX plugin, a special Quicktime plugin, or a Java applet. Both the plugin and the Quicktime component allow you save images, but the Java viewer does not. Use the table below to help determine which options will work with your configuration.

You are currently using:
View With Plugin View with Quicktime View with Java
Mac OS 8-9: Netscape 4.7 YES YES YES
Mac OS 8-9: Netscape 6 YES YES YES
Mac OS 8-9: Internet Explorer YES YES YES
Mac OS 8-9: iCab YES YES YES
Mac OS 8-9: Opera NO YES YES
Mac OS X: Netscape 6 NO YES NO
Mac OS X: Internet Explorer NO YES YES
Mac OS X: iCab NO Caution: Will crash after first use YES
Mac OS X: Opera NO YES NO
Mac OS X: OmniWeb NO YES Caution: May crash
Windows: Internet Explorer YES Untested YES
Windows: Netscape 4.7 Untested Untested YES
Windows: Netscape 6 YES Untested Caution: May crash
Windows: Opera Opera for Windows has not been tested.
It is likely that Java and Quicktime will work, but use at your own risk.

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